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Skimboarding 101


  • Skimboards are separated into two types; Sand Skimmers and Wave Skimmers.
  • Sand skimmers are used to skim across the thin layer of receding water at beaches.
  • Wave skimmers are for skimming from the beach out into oncoming surf.
  • All skimboards are rated by rider weight capacity. Longer boards will generally skim further.

  • How to Skim

    * If you are a beginner it is best to learn on a beach with a gentle slope. This will enable you to better control your speed.

  • Watch the waves breaking on the beach to familiarize yourself with the wave patterns.
  • When the shorebreak crashes on the beach a wave starts to retreat from the shore. Throw the skimboard down on the thin film of retreating water and run and jump onto the board.
  • Throw the board at an angle to the wave. Make sure to keep your knees bent and your arms out for balance. Relax and allow your body to stay loose.
  • You will then be skimming on the thin film of water and riding the wave out.
  • Work to time your board throw and foot landing so you and the board are traveling at the same speed.
  • Try running onto the board instead of jumping to reduce the impact of your landing on the board. This technique will improve your speed and distance.

  • Wave Skimming

  • Skim out into the oncoming wave and turn on the face of the wave and then ride the wave back into shore.
  • Practice different moves and tricks. A steep shore break will be more challenging and make for more radical rides.
  • When transitioning from sand to wave skimming start with your board closer to the wave and as you skim into the whitewater shift more weight to the back of the board. As you transition into the wave turn your body in the shore direction so that you are skimming onto the wave, turning and riding back towards shore.
  • Skimboarding will take time to master. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself and be safe.

  • Skimming Safety

  • Be careful. Choose a sandy beach and avoid rocks, shells etc.
  • Crouch low for balance.
  • Never skimboard alone.
  • Watch out for others in the water.
  • Only skim at guarded beaches.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Check weather conditions.
  • Children should be under the supervision of an adult.